QuickSwitch - Krone Plug

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Krone Plug - Monitor/Bridge & Break/Disconnect

Unique in the world, the QuickSwitch series provides a single monitoring connection to a telecommunications line and allows isolated testing either toward the exchange or the customer.

Essentially, it provides both a monitor and a break connection in the one plug without the technician having to disconnect and reconnect different plugs. All of this is done with a safe, switching connection to many common telecommunications interface blocks.

Using the QuickSwitch products enables engineers to access telecommunication lines quickly, perform their work faster, and significantly reduces connection errors. A single kit of connection plugs means you are ready to work on any line at any time.


  • All test equipment can connect via QuickSwitch
  • Monitor/Bridge & Break/Disconnect all in one plug
  • Switch between customer & exchange as required
  • Isolate the customer or the exchange from testing
  • Monitor the entire line
  • Suitable for all telecommunications networks
  • IEC61010 Cat II 300V
  • CAN Test Leads approved by Telstra
  • Plugs to be used in conjunction with the QuickSwitch main unit

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