Test Phone - Professional TS54 Pro

The new standard for voice, data, and video test telephone test sets - TDR and SmartToneR enhanced

A buttset its the basic tool of the trade for anyone working on phone lines and is an essential tool to have in your toolbox.

The Aegis range of test telephones are designed for use on all PSTN systems by line installers, repair technicians, and other tradespeople for phone line testing and monitoring.  There is a model suitable for every application, from basic to advanced, meaning you can choose the butt set that is right for you.

The CZ20154 is the top of the range in latest design technology providing voice, data, and video technicians/engineers all the functionality essential in a test set. Buttinskis are now required to deal with modern high speed digital services - something this test phone has been specifically designed for. On top of all the tests performed by the CZ20123, TDR length measurement to 900m is included for the first time on a buttinski. Not only can you measure cable length but you can identify the fault location of an open or a short. Further, tone generation is included as standard providing 5 different search tones and SmartToneR that confirms you have located the correct pair. Never before has this level of features been available in a buttinski. No longer do you need to carry a separate butt set, TDR, toner, and identifier - this buttinski does it all in the one tool !


  • Ten Testing functions: TDR, Tone, Identification, Data Indication, Caller ID with Call Waiting, DTMF Digit Grabbing, Voltage indication/measurement, Current indication/measurement, Phone, Polarity,
  • TDR for length/fault measurement to 900m
  • Tone generator with 5 separate tones
  • SmartToneR for positive pair identification
  • Two-way speaker for full hands free use
  • LCD
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • DTMF digit grabbing
  • Data lockout & override
  • Voltage/Current indication & protection
  • Internal memory for phone number storage
  • DataSafeTM - preventing data disruption
  • DropSafeTM
  • RainSafeTM
  • IP64 protection for extreme weather conditions
  • Polarity indicating LED
  • Phone number storage
  • Talk/Monitor/Ringer modes
  • Tone & Pulse Dial
  • Low Battery and mute indication
  • 3 Year Warranty


Note! Subject to technical change without notice.

Product Downloads

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