Isolation Transformer

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Isolate other equipment on the same circuit when testing portable RCDs. Prevent accidental circuit board tripping

Isolation Transformer

When testing portable RCDs it’s extremely important to isolate the Residual Current Device on the main switchboard, so that in the event of the portable RCD being faulty, it won’t trip and take the power out on all appliances on the entire circuit.

Because testing RCDs is essential, it’s vital that you have the tools to protect your business, its appliances and your employees. Without the Aegis Isolation Transformer, you run the risk of having your power go out while testing portable Residual Current Devices, which could lead to significant consequences.

To ensure you do not cause any power outages while conducting your tests, the Isolation Transformer should be connected between the general purpose outlet and the portable Residual Current Device. This ensures that the trip current produced by your Portable Appliance Tester can not reach the main switchboard and take down the entire circuit.

Applications of the Aegis Isolation Transformer:

  • Isolate RCDs
  • Prevent power outages from faulty RCDs

This simple device will save you affecting any others around you while still being able to continue testing normally. Safe and effective, the Isolation Transformer is an essential tool for your business.

Note! Subject to technical change without notice.

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