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Teletech is an established, Australian company supplying a unique range of telephone cable test instruments to the global market. Our products are acclaimed for their accuracy, dependability and the delivery of end-user costs benefits. At Teletech, we deliver increased efficiency and innovative products into the hands of network operators and line managers via easy-to-operate test and diagnostic tools.

Teletech’s products include a range of single-operator pair identifiers with remote control of the line termination. These include the Loop-a-Line range consisting of TX905, TX910, TX915, and TX935.

The Teletech instrument range includes cable testers to check the quality of lines for various broadband services including ADSL, HDSL, ISDN and SHDSL. These instruments include our TX120A and TX125 and a Multi-Line Identifier TX180. Teletech also make systems such as TELSYS, which have testers residing in the central office telephone exchange and operate with several field instruments including our TX320, TX320B, TX325 and TX380. Teletech supplies a unique range of telephone cable test instruments and solutions to the global market.