TraceAll Outdoor Cable & Pipe Locator Kit

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The Aegis TraceAll Outdoor Cable & Pipe Locator-to help Contractors locate & trace cables and pipes before they dig

The CZ1891 is just one of our incredible TraceAll packages.

The TraceAll family of pipe and cable tracers and locators has been designed as the ultimate range of locating and tracing tools. In this bestselling range for tradespeople you can find every tool you need to locate all services - and you can do it all with the one base transmitter!

Designed to be the most effective and safest locating tool for outdoor work, you'll never find a better tool than the CZ1891 Outdoor Pipe and Cable Locator kit for the job.

The CZ1891 is an Outdoor Pipe and Cable Locator kit, consisting of the high powered TraceAll Base Transmitter, Inductive Coupler and lightweight Tracing Wand. It allows contractors to locate and trace cables and pipes before they even start to dig, thereby significantly reducing the risk of expensive, and sometimes deadly, contact with underground services. It has the capacity to locate cables and pipes to a nominal depth of 2 metres and can trace beyond a length of 2km, in good soil conditions.

The CZ1891 is the most accurate and flexible pipe and cable locator on the market and provides the user with full control of functionality, ensuring that you have the best outcome when locating underground services.

Applications of the CZ1891 Outdoor Pipe and Cable Locator kit:

  • Locate and trace cables and pipes before digging commences
  • Put a signal on pipes and cables without a direct connection
  • Locate underground services (Lead in pipes, Cables, Main trunk lines)

The Cable and Pipe Tracing Wand included in this kit is a receiver wand used for locating underground services, from lead in pipes and cables to main trunk lines. Simplicity is the key with this wand - it only has one control to turn the locator on and provide signal strength control whilst in operation.

The Inductive Coupler also included in this kit is an inductive antenna accessory used to put a signal on any pipe or cable without having to make direct connection to that pipe or cable. You can simply plug the Inductive Coupler into the transmitter and your signal will be transmitted onto your target pipe or cable.

Features of the CZ1891 Outdoor Pipe and Cable Locator kit:

  • The ultimate outdoor pipe and cable locator tool
  • Reduces risk of contact with underground services
  • Simple to use
  • Includes Inductive Coupler and Tracing Wand
  • Battery and Mains powered
  • Lightweight and fully portable
  • Sturdy waterproof transmitter case
  • Australian owned and designed
  • Wide range of accessories available

TraceAll Accessories available for the CZ1891:

The flexibility of the TraceAll system ensures that you will always be able to easily add indoor capabilities to your CZ1891 Outdoor Pipe and Cable Locator system: The same TraceAll base transmitter can be customised to cover all locating and tracing requirements.

These affordable items in the TraceAll range can be purchased individually to add to this Outdoor Kit, providing full circuit tracing and fuse finding capabilities for indoor projects.

CZ1801 Circuit Tracer

Ergonomically designed handheld receiver is the perfect tool to identify fuses and circuit breakers from general purpose outlets, trace the path of live or dead cables through inside walls, and for basic buried cable and pipe tracing. The CZ1801 features manual sensitivity control, visible high and low signal strength indicators and normal/screened mode selection.

CZ1804 Coupling Clamp

Rugged signal transmitting coupling clamp. The CZ1804 induces the signal transmitted by the TraceAll Base Unit into metallic pipes or cable services passing through it without physical connection.


Other TraceAll Systems available in this bestselling range:

CZ1890 TraceAll Indoor Circuit Tracer Kit

The circuit tracer has manual sensitivity control, providing the greatest accuracy in the market when identifying fuses. Normal mode and Screening mode allow users to trace cables through plasterboard and brickwork as well as those concealed by metallic screens such as in wall insulation.

The TraceAll Indoor Circuit Tracer consists of the high powered TraceAll base transmitter and circuit tracer.

CZ1892 TraceAll Complete System

For the tradesman that needs everything, the complete tracing system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor work. The variety of products included in this kit ensures that you will always find what you need to get any job done.

The TraceAll Complete Tracing System combines the TraceAll base transmitter, circuit tracer, inductive coupler, coupling clamp and tracing wand.

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