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Pipe & Cable Locators

TraceAll outdoor kitTraceAll Outdoor Pipe & Cable Locator Kit- CZ1891

The CZ1891 TraceAll Outdoor Pipe & Cable Locator Kit is designed to help contractors locate and trace cables and pipes before they dig, thereby significantly reducing the risk of expensive and sometimes deadly contact with underground services.



ImageTrace All Indoor Circuit Tracer- CZ1890

The CZ1890 Trace All Indoor Circuit Tracer, allows the user to locate circuit breakers and fuses on a switchboard and locate / trace power cables, speaker cables, data cables and copper pipes inside walls.   The transmitter can be connected to energised conductors up to 240 VAC without damage.


ImageTraceAll Complete Tracing System - CZ1892

The CZ1892 TraceAll Complete Tracing system is designed for the tradesman who regularly needs to locate cables and pipes no matter where they are.


C.Scope MXLC.Scope MXL - CSCableMXL

The C.Scope MXL Cable Avoidance Tool is a high precision locator capable of identifying and tracing pipes and cables as well as reading the depth of their location.




Single frequency digital line tracer TW82

The TW82 is a single frequency digital line tracer which provides quick and easy results through direct connection or via the inductive generator.


ImageSplit box line tracer TW-6

The TW-6 is single frequency "split box" line tracer and has a long history of successfully locating pipes and cables.  When mounted on its 3 piece handle, it can conduct blind searches of an area to locate an underground pipe or cable when the starting point is unknown.


TW-8800Multi-frequency digital line tracer TW-8800

This lightweight multi-frequency digital line tracer is a state-of-the-art transmitter/receiver. The TW-8800 has both active and passive locating features and comes with three different frequencies that the operator can choose from: 82kHz, 8.2kHz and 820Hz.


Circuit tracerTraceAll Accessory - Circuit Tracer - CZ1801

The CZ1801 Trace All Circuit Tracer is an ergonomically designed hand-held receiver, to be used in conjunction with the CZ1800 Trace All Base Unit.




Trace All WandTraceAll Accessory - Tracing Wand - CZ1802

The Aegis CZ1802 is a lightweight, full size tracing wand, designed to be used in conjunction with the CZ1800 Trace All Base Unit.



inductive couplerTrace All Accessory - Inductive Coupler - CZ1803

The Aegis CZ1803 Inductive Coupler is a compact and robust signal transmitting antenna, designed to be used in conjunction with the CZ1800 Trace All Base Unit.



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